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Vida Volunteer

Vida Volunteer, was created to be a resource volunteers can depend on to support their cause of helping fellow human beings and animals. As a nonprofit organization, Vida aims to bring people together through service-learning to make this world a better place.

Vida stresses cultural integration and opening of the mind and heart to global health care and human issues. One of our long term goals is to have an impact on the future health professionals of the world while providing basic medical services to Central Americans.

Vida has three core programs: General Medicine, Dental Health, and Veterinary Medicine. We set up mobile clinics in the countries we serve by working with local clinic coordinators, who find locations for us to work (schools, community centers, churches, etc.) and inform their community about us.

Volunteers join us from different parts of the world to work alongside our local health care professionals to give free medical and dental care, as well as very low cost or free veterinary care to communities in need. Many of our volunteers are still on their way to becoming health professionals though we do welcome advanced students, as well as professionals to join us in our adventures.

Vida currently works in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and is exploring opportunities to enter other countries as well. Vida
is a relatively new organization; therefore we will be growing and expanding our scope of services, as well as areas of coverage in Central America, in the upcoming years.

Vida is a 501c3 charity registered in the state of Minnesota. All donations to our program are tax-deductible.