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Adopt a Pet! Give the gift of life this holiday season.

On the top of many wish lists each holiday season are pets. And, for good reason as well! Pets provide us with the gift of unconditional love. However, this decision must not be taken lightly.

There are millions of homeless animals across the globe and we encourage you to adopt your furry friend from a local animal shelter. If you undertake such an important project, you should consider getting your pets well before the holidays begin so both, you and them,have time to adjust to their new home and can partake in the holiday festivities. 

Here are some tips to keep your new pet happy and safe during the holidays:

Keep lights and decorations up high and cover cords with tape or cord covers to avoid shocks, burns or more serious injuries.

Do not share your holiday meals as they may upset their stomach, or worse. Instead, buy them special treats just for dogs to share the moment.

Make sure the holiday food (especially items like chocolate and nuts) are kept out of their reach to avoid possible intoxication. 

Holly, mistletoe and poinsettia plants are poisonous to dogs and cats so keep them out of reach.

Do spoil your pet this holiday season with lots of love and attention, safe toys and pet treats.

We have really heart warming IVTC stories for this holiday season:

Brexie spent her days and nights tied up outside battling the elements and not knowing when her next meal would come. A local rescue center worked with her owners to put her up for adoption. She was spayed at Costa Rica’s International Veterinary Training Center (IVTC) and now lives comfortably with her new family. Her true loving nature is flourishing in her new household and we are sure she will have a happy holiday season.

Mainor was young and frisky when he was taken off the streets and, in no time, adapted to his new siblings, although he may be small he believes he is the boss. We no doubt there will be a very merry holiday in store for him as well.

Gala, little did she know, was in danger of being taken out to an empty lot never to be seen again. At that very moment a passionate girl walked by and spotted her. She immediately contacted the rescue center who contacted the IVTC to look her over and castrate her so she may go live with her happy new family

*Providing no cost spay/neuter services to local animal shelters and rescue centers helps control overpopulation and makes animals more adoptable. The IVTC is committed to helping shelters get animals off the streets and into loving homes so, even if you are not looking to adopt a new pet, we are always looking for volunteers to join us in our efforts to get these animals homes!*

Wishing you and your pets all the best for the holiday seasons.