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Improving Health: One drop at a time

Vida started working with the community El Tunino, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala 4 years ago providing medical brigades alongside our volunteers.
In June, Vida Volunteer helped this community through a social project. We installed more than 3 miles of pipelining. This system starts at the top of the spring all the way down where the stone basin is located. More than 30 families are now receiving water to drink, cook and many more. This community had been asking support for more than 4 years to different organizations. 
The purpose of this project was to improve the pipelines that go from the top of the spring to the stone basin and the community homes (3 miles of distance). The system they had before was a multi-purpose pipeline (for electricity cables) reason why it would break easily and mice would get in and contaminate the water even further. 
What we did with this project was to change the pipelining using the correct PVC plastic. We used a larger one so we could draw more water from the spring. During the project, Vida aid with the supplies they were going to use and the families that were going to receive water, helped with the installment of the pipelining. 

By Herson Cifuentes 
Guatemala Community Outreach Coordinator