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New Year New Challenge: are you ready to be a vet or vet tech?

Prepare yourself for a career in veterinary medicine with clinical experience 

Whether a vet technician, pre-veterinary or veterinary student or even a recent graduate, clinical experience gained through shadowing or externships is enormously valuable!

Why are externships important?

  • Provides a first-hand look into the profession, understanding the challenges and rewards of being in the veterinary field
  • Impact your career decision-making, learning what you do not want to do is just as valuable as confirming what you do want to do
  • Prove to yourself, veterinary schools and future employers you are committed to the profession
  • Remind yourself of your ultimate goal and have the opportunity to contribute
  • Fosters mentoring relationships, alumni connections, professional networking
  • Letters of recommendation

What are externships?

Externships are usually short-term, unpaid experiences. Externships are valuable career learning experiences providing the opportunity for the individual to gain first-hand insight and knowledge in a particular career field of interest. The amount of observation and hands-on opportunities will vary depending on the individual and the host of the externship.

How to Get Externship Experience: Where to Begin

Some individuals may already have an idea of what field of veterinary medicine they want to go into and others may be undecided or looking for a totally unique area or experience to try out. Either way there are numerous opportunities available to explore. We recommend searching externship locators or databases for an interesting position by geographic location (think globally) or special interest. For example the American Veterinary Medical Association is an excellent resource for searching for externship opportunities.

Programs Tailored Just for You

Many programs, like Vida’s International Veterinary Training Center´s externship program works with individual participants to customize their experience toensure that they fulfill their needs. In today’s competitive world, one must set themselves apart and go above and beyond the classroom experience. These are perfect opportunities enhance clinical and surgical skills and improve confidence though while giving back to animals in need.

So did we peak your interest in doing an externship? Then we recommend you stayed tuned for next month´s topic on how to finance externships.