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I would love to do a veterinary externship abroad, but…

No buts! Yes you can afford it.

An international externship will challenge you to adapt both personally and professionally in a multicultural environment and set you apart from rest. The life experience gained will definitely be worth it!

Do you wonder how you might afford the trip costs, insurance, airfare and other unexpected fees? Don’t be overwhelmed there are many options out there to help you fund your travel expenses. Our first recommendation is to start early! Other go to options are: 


There are many opportunities that support volunteering in Latin America or even in Costa Rica! Look for opportunities in your geographical area of interest. Here is a couple: 

  • LIVFund supports study, internship and volunteer opportunities in Latin America. 
  • UVolunteer offers a scholarship for volunteering abroad in Costa Rica 

Many websites offering search database to help match you to scholarships that support volunteer and study abroad opportunities. Start early, be patient and keep searching!


People are more than happy to support someone when they know it will go towards their education and making a difference in the world. Instead of gifts on the holidays or your birthday…what about asking for sponsorships.

  • Make a sponsorship letter, e-mail or handwritten personal message asking for sponsorships to help offset your trip costs. Highlight aspects of the trip that sparks your interest and how you feel your experience will help those in need while it helps you define your career path. 
  • Don't be shy! Send the letter to EVERYONE: family, friends, church members, veterinarians, etc. 
  • Send Thank-You letters! It is very important to show that you are grateful for their support. 
  • Follow-up after your trip with a recap of your experience and photos that explain how your experience changed your life. 

Sponsors may pay directly through the Vida website to help you keep track of your funds.


  • Be creative. Remember bake sales and car washes? Ask your work, school, church or community center if you could hold activities there.
  • Ask for donation items (painting, jewelry, ect) and raffle them off. 
  • Fundraise with organizations like Volunteer Forever. Create a customized page highlighting your project and fundraising needs and receive online donations reaching out to as many people as possible.

Now let the search begin and you will be on your way to your international destination soon!