Campus Coordinators

Take it a step further...

Campus Coordinators represent Vida Volunteer at their school. They help us promote our programs to ensure a successful outcome for each brigade so we are looking for an outgoing, motivated candidate. Being a Vida Coordinator also demonstrates leadership, initiative, compassion, and teamwork, which are all of the qualities that medical, dental, veterinary schools and other professional organizations are looking for in their applicants.

Main objective:

Increase visibility and awareness of Vida at your school in order to increase the number of volunteer enrollments for your specific Vida trip.

 We also want to:  

·      Reach out to different organizations and clubs on campus   

·      Be the “go to” person for new students who are interested in participating         

·      Become familiar with VIDA’s Mission and Vision 

·      Update your Campus Coordinator Liaison on a monthly basis 

·    Become familiar with VIDA’s Volunteer Participation Agreement, Cancellation Policy, Safety Guidelines and overall rules and regulations



Scholarship!* Full or partial which is a great financial help for your next trip!
You choose! Yes, you get to be involved from the very beginning of the planning (choosing dates, location, recreation activities and much more).
Enhance your resume! This experience will not only speak highly about your character but it will also help you demonstrate your leadership and organizational skills which are great assets to your resume.

Development of leadership, initiative, compassion and teamwork (qualities that medical, dental and veterinary schools are looking for in future health professionals)

Recommendation Letter from Vida's Communications Manager and/or your Campus Coordination Liaison (upon request). 

Official Vida Volunteer email account (optional)  

Don´t miss out on this opportunity. Complete your application today!

The application process is quick and painless and you can fill out the application form on this link. You only have to attach a copy of ​your resume and a brief ​essay about why you want to become part of the Vida family.

After reviewing your information, we will set up an phone call to take a little more about the position and go over any questions you might have. 

*Your compensation will be based on the number of volunteers that enroll. Once you reach 25 volunteers, you will be eligible for a full scholarship so your trip is paid for by Vida. However, you may also choose to waive the trip credit fee and have a “blanket discount” for all volunteers enrolled.