Become a Campus Ambassador

Ready to be a part of a change
bigger than yourself?



Campus Ambassadors make a direct impact on the communities that we serve. They embody the Vida Volunteer mission and spread it at the campus level, generating awareness that instills the same passion in other like-minded volunteers.

As an Ambassador, you will work hand-in-hand with a Vida Liaison, to craft a campus communication strategy for student outreach. You may also work closely with faculty, staff, and other student alumni from their school. Some schools may have one Campus Ambassador that represents all Vida Volunteer programs, while other schools may have more than one representing a specific program that Vida Volunteer offers.









  • Design your trip! Choose dates, country, and recreational activities
  • Enhance your resume. This experience can really add to your professional experience and speak highly about your desire to help communities around the world
  • Earn an Individual Scholarship or Travel Grant for your team
  • Network and learn from like-minded individuals who share your passion and commitment
  • Develop your leadership, initiative, compassion, and teamwork skills
  • Foster cultural awareness and global citizenship while you prepare for the next step in your career path
  • Individualized coaching and support from your Vida Volunteer Ambassador Liasion
  • Log additional service and /or clinical hours

Aside from my passion for healthcare, Vida has helped me realize my passion for service. It sparked something huge for me and I cannot stop here. This program has completely changed my perspective on the idea of providing service to those in need. A little goes a very long way. I cannot wait to see where this takes me and share this with others.
Vida promises a lot in stores for its volunteers. Overall, this is a very unique volunteering opportunity that not only allows students to learn from doctors and serve communities, but also experience a different culture. Vida brings volunteers out of their comfort zone and encourages adventure. It creates lifelong friendships and memories. Both of the Vida trips I have been on left my heart so full and for that, I am forever grateful.