VIDA Volunteer

The main goal of Vida Volunteer´s medical program is to improve the overall health and well being of Central American communities by bringing Vida´s public health mobile clinics into the rural setting.

The types of service-learning experiences we offer allow students and volunteers around the world an interactive, cultural, engaging adventures that will help them become well-rounded, culturally competent professionals and life-long volunteers.

Our program focuses on two important areas: Prevention and Treatment. We promote healthier life styles in Central American communities and for students to understand the region´s diseases and the conditions that might cause them.

In order to cover these areas we offer a two components-program, depending on the location volunteers visit:
- Public Health
- Field Clinics

Public Health

Vida Volunteer is introducing Public Health campaigns during the Costa Rican trips! Public Health Promotion will help us educate patients of different genders and ages - from a newborn to senior citizens –  in Costa Rican communities about how to prevent diseases, promote health, and prolong life trough healthy life styles. The public health component will help the students understand the conditions that affect a person´s health, wether biological, environmental, social, economic and psychological. It will prepare and give them better tools to diagnose and treat patients in Nicaragua during the Clinic Days part of the program. Students will:

1. Visit houses, gather the family history and take vital signs (under a healthcare professional´s supervision)
2. Educate families about healthy lifestyle.
3. Receive a first aid kit workshop.
4. Impart healthy lifestyle workshops to the community


Field Clinics

Field clinics offer general consults and medications to support rural communities or remote villages in Nicaragua and Guatemala with little to no access to healthcare. During the clinics students will be able to:

1. Have a firsthand look into Latin American healthcare services and analyze the difference from US healthcare systems.
2. Conduct patient interviews.
3. Take patient vital signs (under a healthcare professional´s supervision)
4. Present patient information to professional medical staff along with differential diagnosis and proposed treatment plan recommendations
5. Observe in certain procedures as ENT examination, abdominal examination and prenatal care.

Our mobile clinics are held in community centers, churches, schools, private farms, local ranches, and animal rescue centers in coordination with local community members and organizations. Regardless of the location, we set the highest level of professionalism for our volunteers and staff.

Vida offers the medical program for pre-medical, medical and nursing students, as well as all others who are interested in the field of medicine. We also invite all interested health professionals to join us! Find your trip today:

What your Vida Adventure includes:

  • Airport pick up and drop off.
  • All transportation between sites.
  • Accommodations with host families and/or hotels.
  • Meals included specified in the Sample Itinerary tab. 
  • Full day of in country orientation and Medical Manual.
  • 24 hour staff assistance.
  • All medicine, equipment, supplies, and professionals needed to complete successful clinics.
  • Evening group activities.
  • Some recreational activities.
  • Border and customs fees.
  • Statement of volunteer service hours. (Letters of recommendation will be assessed on a case-by-case basis).
  • Post adventure follow-up.

This price does not include:

  • Airfare. Airport exit tax (varies between countries).
  • Personal spending money.
  • Academic credit.
  • Some recreational activity opportunities.
  • Laundry.
  • Telephone or internet access.
  • Tips (Optional for bus drivers).

Public Health Promotion

Field Clinics

*B= Breakfast/ L=Lunch/ D= Dinner
Meals will be covered by Vida Volunteer when the word Vida is next to either one of the initials B, L, D. The Volunteer will take care of the other meals as shown in the itinerary.