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A Vida Adventure does not only help student volunteers decide if the medical, dental or veterinary career path is right for them, it also opens their eyes to Central American culture, the needs of those who live in communities with limited resources, and the life-long friendships they will make. For more information about how Vida has changed the lives of past volunteers, visit our Testimonials page.

Vida is an official 501c3 organization but please keep in mind that individual volunteer sponsorships are not tax-deductible in accordance to the IRS guidelines and regulations; however they are a great way to give a future doctor, dentist or veterinarian a life changing experience.

We would like to thank you in advance for the sponsorship that you are making to the volunteers who make us great!

If you are sponsoring a volunteer by check, please follow these instructions:

All checks should be written out to “Vida”. Please send checks with the printed “Check Payment & Donation” form to the address below:

2612 South. Arlington Mill Drive. Unit C
Arlington, Virginia 22206-3360
  • All checks must be mailed at least 70 days before the trip begins.
  • All checks must be drawn from a US bank account.
  • For people from other countries, you can go to the bank and ask for a US check to mail to us. You will be notified once the check has arrived.
Sponsor a Volunteer Now

If you have any questions about paying by check or any payment questions in general, call us at 1-888-365-VIDA or write to