We have the following scholarships available:

  • Return student scholarships: Students who have participated in a prior Vida adventure receive a $100 donation.
  • Scholarship for back-to-back trip volunteers: Any student who wishes to participate in two Vida adventures in a row is eligible to receive a $200 scholarship.
  • Scholarship for Campus Coordinators: Vida coordinators will receive a full scholarship for organizing a group of volunteers from their campus. Certain restrictions apply, and candidates for this position are screened by Vida staff. Please contact Ana Lourdes Salas at ana@vidavolunteer.org for more information.
  • Scholarships for Vida Campus Club Officers: Each Campus Club officer is eligible to receive a $100 scholarship for their trip.
  • Scholarships for Pre-Health Faculty members from affiliated universities: Only Pre-Health Faculty Advisers are eligible for a full scholarship/trip waiver. They must pay for their own airfare, personal spending money, etc., though Vida will cover most meals.

We are working hard to obtain sponsors for our scholarship programs and we will post new scholarships as they become available. It is important to mention that all volunteers are only eligible for 1 scholarship/discount per trip.

These scholarships are on a first come first serve basis. Please inquire about availability as early as possible for your desired dates by emailing Vida staff directly at info@vidavolunteer.org.